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About the Book

Inner Compass is a source of guidance and direction for every-day situations and challenges, giving short practical answers and practices established in spiritual truths and eternal wisdoms applicable to contemporary world. It is as if having a spiritual master or life-coach with you to answer your questions and doubts. It gives timeless advice in an understandable and modern language giving examples that most people can relate to.

You can reach into the book easily, or just open it randomly so that Life could guide you in the required situation. There are no coincidences, so feel why you have opened that particular text and message.

After every message you read, take a few minutes and contemplate it. The intellectual knowledge is not enough; it is important to feel the message from the inside, to awaken, integrate, apply, and allow it to become a part of you. Generally, you can close your eyes after every message, direct your attention to your breath, exhale the tension while feeling relaxation and observe what you’re feeling and what is coming to you, what you must do. It is you speaking to yourself because the highest part of your Consciousness (the Higher Self) is sending the message to the mind and the earthly consciousness (the ego self) about what to do and how to move forward.

This book will guide you back to the knowledge hidden within you and remind you of your true power and reality.

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