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About the Author

Ivan Bava is an awakened master of non-duality, allowing and surrender to the Flow of Life. A disciple of Sathya Sai Baba, he was born in Croatia as Ivan Bavcevic and graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology to become an international lecturer, therapist and life sciences teacher with his School of Awareness and Spiritual Mastery established in Spain, Slovenia, and Croatia. He holds his programs directly in Spanish, English and Croatian, giving people access to the most current life and spiritual knowledge in their mother tongue. He is also a guest speaker at the University of Granada and other schools and colleges in Europe. Every month he teaches hundreds of students and public audiences practical disciplines for a conscious and advanced life as a master over your own mind, emotions and body. He is a frequent guest in various radio and TV shows.

From 2011 till 2019, Ivan Bava has travelled more than half a million kilometers and gave more than seven thousand hours of lectures, workshops and healing sessions. In his work with tens of thousands of people, he has seen that there is a huge inner struggle and lack of acceptance of oneself so he uses his ALO Method (Allow, Let Go, Surrender) to give people the possibility for liberation from the conditioning of the past, traumas, resentments, and emotional and mental states.